Create Zen UI/UX, multitasking kills you [long, sorry]

Basically Zen is about „being here and now”. Whatever you do, do it with full consciousness. When you walking, walk. Don't text, talk by mobile or think about what you will say to your bitchy boss. Just walk. And walk slowly. Time is an illusion, so do (everything) it a bit slower (!).

Modern people live in the past (I did something) or in the future (I have to do something). And almost nobody and never - live in present. Here and now. 

Being here and now is actually meditation. All this sitting in lotus position, all these mantras, breathing technics etc. are important and created ONLY for helping you to be here and now. To anchor you in this state. 

Modern people are also multitasked. We do a few things at the same time. The brain has limited capacity for „now”. This is why we filter everything. And almost nobody knows that only 0.09% information you receive going to your consciousness. This is why everybody has a different remembrance from some event.

And if you have too many tasks at the same time, your awareness is divided into too many. So you just can't do it right. Brain becoming overloaded, working slower and your affectivity going down. This is how autism works btw...

Stanford scientists say multitasking is lowering your IQ, it is like when you didn't sleep in the night. So if you want to do something good, concentrate on this. Skip everything else.

BUT. What is the connection with UI/UX?

UI has to be designed by Zen consciousness. Don't force a user to multitask, don't disturb them by thousands of notifications, commercials and so on. Less is better. You want them back, you want them to remember your site or product as nice, friendly, good - whatever it means. So... Do it Zen...