If you have too many tasks at the same time, your awareness is divided into too many. Don't force a user to multitask, don't disturb them by thousands of notifications, commercials and so on. Less is better. 

Don't blame the user... This is a wrong design. It is crucial when a product is obvious to use. Be grateful when a user shares his/her bad experience. This is a great tip for you. You can make it better.

No feedback after user's action causes frustration and insecurity, a sense of lack of control. It is because of our brain structure. We, work like that. This is how we learn.

60% of internet traffic comes from bots. Some of them are malicious but most are working for you...

As a UX designer, you should know and understand some basics. For example, what is the difference between wireframe, prototype, and mockup. To not confuse clients or associates.