The holy trinity - put some emotions into your design

There is an ancient principle put in every religion as holy trinity dogma. And it is not about gods of course. This is the rule. One of the universal Universe rule. As you may know, it is Father (god), Mather (goddess) and Son (never daughter). 

It is good to know this principle and use it in everything you do. Because without „holy trinity” by your side you can not succeed.

In extremely short: Father it is an idea, thinking, left hemisphere. If you don't have an idea, plan etc.  if you don't know where you are going, you will never arrive in the right place. Mather is emotions. If you don't put emotions, if you don't love what you do, have no excitement and so - you will not do it (whatever it is) good. And Son is acting.

If you have an excellent idea and you love it but you do nothing - you will achieve nothing. This is a very simple rule that ancient teaches us, but unfortunately, not many people know it.

So put a bit emotions to your design. And let visitors express their emotion (likes, emoticons, comments...). 

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